Vendor Invoices

Vendor Invoices

As a Vendor to Rotek Incorporated, you will have been authorized to perform a service or provide a material good by way of a purchase order.  This is a formal document within Rotek that requires review and authorization prior to issuance to you as a Vendor.  No verbal authorizations from Rotek personnel constitute a contract between your company and Rotek, and must be avoided.

This purchase order is very important to the proper execution of the contract between Vendor and Customer (Rotek), as it properly identifies all necessary terms and commercial conditions required to fulfill the order.

When the service or material good has been completed or delivered, you may submit your invoice for payment in accordance with the terms agreed to on your purchase order.

You must pay strict attention to the following information on your order, and in-sure that your invoice states the exact same information.  The following are examples of information (contained on your order) that must be accurately conveyed on your invoice:

•    Purchase order number

•    Purchase order line item number

•    Item or service description

•    Rotek material number (if applicable) of item being invoiced

•    Quantity of item being invoiced (must match our order)

•    Dollar value of item being invoiced (must match our order)

•    Job number and serial number of item being invoiced (if applicable)

Failure to provide any of these items, or if they are not in perfect accord with your purchase order, your invoice will be purged from our files and returned to you for correction.  The payment cycle will not begin until you return a corrected and acceptable invoice.