Series 12000
Roller/Ball Combination

Rotek Series 12,000 slewing bearings offer a unique combination of rolling elements. Series 12,000 incorporates a row of rollers and a row of balls into the same unit. This combination of rolling elements is designed to handle small eccentricities at relatively high axial loads.

Raceway Diameters: Standard models are 50" to 180"
Special order slewing bearings up to 360"

Thrust: up to 17,500,000 pounds

Moment: Up to 51,600,000 ft-lbs.

Radial: up to 775,000 pounds
Contact Rotek for load information on special order models, 800-221-8043

Gearing: Internally geared, externally geared or gearless models are available

Mining equipment, Materials handing equipment