Series 5000
Cross Roller

Rotek Cross-Roller slewing bearings offer increased stiffness and radial capacity. Series 5000 slewing bearings are built with V-groove raceways providing two roller paths in each ring. By alternating adjacent rollers at right angles to one another, one-half of the rollers transmit loads in one direction with the other half transmitting loads in the other direction. The cross roller bearing design provides a higher theoretical dynamic capacity per unit size, greater stiffness, and a lower spring rate than a single roll ball slewing bearing design.

Raceway Diameters: Standard models from 12" to 180"

Thrust: from 80,000 to 2,700,000 pounds

Moment: from 16,000 to 6,700,000 pounds

Radial: from 16,000 to 800,000 pounds

Gearing: Internally geared, externally geared or gearless models are available.

Excavators, Lift truck rotators, Industrial turntables, Capstans, Turnstiles, Mining equipment and Antennas